What is Live Blood Analysis ?

Live blood analysis is the microscopy observation on your blood while you wait. It provides an insightful view of the biological terrain and is used by health care professionals around the world.  By looking at it together we can discuss the findings. I do not offer a diagnosis, however it tells us where to start looking. 

It's like a signpost 'Consider looking here. Investigate whether this is a problem, let's try this and so on.'

How can it help you?

We will be looking at the live, energetic quality of your blood. 

This information can assist you by:

·         Showing patterns of disorganization and correlating those patterns to potential health challenges in the body

·         Showing form and function of red/white blood cells and plasma

·         Observing and monitoring your specific cells and terrain gives one a guide to direct your lifestyle and regimens

·         Determining the effectiveness of various regimens

The two types of observation (live and dried) are used together to observe and monitor metabolic function or dysfunction, and any other blood anomalies. This is helpful when discussing a course of action. It also takes the guesswork out of determining a possible diet's effectiveness, especially if blood is then analyzed at a future date. If you agree you have been compliant with any suggested changes, diets or supplementation, then it will be interesting for you to see the positive changes in your latest blood picture. This helps patients with compliance, especially when they can see for themselves the improvement in their blood picture.  

What now?

Having looked at your blood sample with you, we will be able to note any anomalies that could account for your current state of health at this time.

We can then discuss ways to improve dietary and lifestyle habits, if applicable. 

If I feel it necessary, I will refer you on, or arrange to take a further blood sample to be sent away for a deeper analysis, should your blood picture indicate a need for this


1. Q.How much blood do you take?

    A. I finger prick.

2. Q.Can you see my blood type?

     A. Yes, I can do your blood grouping during the consultation.

3. Q. How long will it take to get my results?

     A. Within minutes. However you will be supplied with a detailed report following your consultation.  The full consultation including a health check  is around 1 -2 hrs depending on the complexity of your situation.

4. Q. How can I book an appointment?

     A. Via email @

Contact me for an appointment

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