About Doctor Fizzy Lillingston


Doctor Fizzy Lillingston

I am a qualified Integrated Medical Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist.  I am a member of the BOIM, BAWMA and the RCN. I completed my PHD at the IQUIM University Hawaii. My interests focus on what makes our bodies function optimally. With my  vast experience of over 40 years working in health care, I feel ideally qualified and experienced to  give good quality, unbiased, evidence based advice to my patients. My aim is to build wellness to support a healthy body. 

Childrens Health Organisation Relief Voluntary Cardiac Clinic West Indies.

Experience and Professionalism

I have many years of experience working in the UK as a clinician, in Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Travel Medicine and OOH (out of hours urgent care).  I was the Expedition Medic for a North Pole expedition in 2004 and collected blood and body statistics for Cancer Research during the first expedition in 2003. I have  Post Graduate Certification in a wide range of specialities, including Acupuncture, Tropical Medicine, Metabolic Disease and Nutrition. I have also spent time doing humanitarian work in The West Indies and Uganda. I continue to be a Research Fellow at St George's University Medical School in Grenada.  


I care about your health

Today's modern lifestyles, together with food full of unnatural additives and chemical food substitutes that our bodies do not recognise are a big problem. This together with, unnatural stress, lack of exercise and our modern toxic lifestyles are contributing to an unprecedented increase in chronic diseases like Cancer, Type II Diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Research suggests that obesity, and a poor diet are linked to this epidemic. If you return to eating natural, organic, unprocessed foods, especially reducing sugar, sourcing humanly reared, grass fed, meat, fish and dairy, doing regular exercise, learning how to de stress, caring for not only yourself, but your comminuty,  you will not only feel better, but you will retain a healthy weight, and can look forward to a disease free future, with few or no health care bills.